Junior Saver

Junior Saver

Members can save for their child's future by saving into our Junior Saver account. 

Save regularly by Direct Debit or Salary Deduction or add money at any time by bank transfer.

You can manage the Junior Saver in app and online and you retain full control over the account until your child turns 16. 

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Why open a Junior saver?

Everyone knows that it makes sense to save, and the earlier you start – the better.

As the trustee member for the account, you'll have control over it until your child turns 16 years old.

Junior savings may earn an annual Dividend. As a mutual organisation, our members have a say on any annual Dividend paid to your savings account and vote on this at our Annual General Meeting. 

  • Good money management

    Our Junior savings accounts have been designed specifically for children, from birth up to the age of 16

  • Save an amount that suits you

    You can save between £10 to £1000 each month across your accounts, either through Direct Debit or Salary Deduction (Employer Partners only)

  • Make savings fun

    We run regular competitions for our junior members such as photo and drawing competitions to make saving with us fun and enjoyable

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