Heart of Glasgow

Heart of Glasgow

Celebrating the exceptional people who make our communities great. The Heart of Glasgow is for those who go above and beyond to make a positive difference for others.

People who give up their time to help others, care for the vulnerable in their community, make their area a nicer place to live, and bring a smile to others when times are tough – and ask for nothing in return.

We think that these people are worth celebrating, which is why we established Glasgow Credit Union’s Heart of Glasgow. 

We are currently not accepting Heart of Glasgow nominations. 

Recent recipients

Alan Dodd

Congratulations to Alan Dodd, who recently received a Heart of Glasgow award.

Alan has been recognised for his care and empathy towards helping animals in need across the city. Within the last year, Alan has helped numerous animals that have been injured or have required assistance. He has helped wildlife with broken wings, rescued birds from traffic, and has even taken injured animals to the vets when the RSPCA has been closed to make sure they get the care they need.

His dedication to looking after animals in need deserves to be recognised and we’re delighted to provide him with this award.

John Brown

John Brown was our last Heart of Glasgow winner for the year 2022.

He was nominated by his brother, Ken Brown, who said “John would give you the shirt off his back and nothing is too much trouble for him to help anyone.”

John served our country during the traumatic times in Northern Ireland, working six years in the R.E.M.E, carrying out dangerous duties. On leaving the army, he then spent the next 40 years as an HGV Driver, a job he loved but had to give up due to ill health.

However, despite enduring many health problems, John has volunteered for the last 13 years in the Salvation Army Charity Shop in Springburn. He travels from Paisley 6 days a week, spreading his unique style of caring and humour to customers and staff.

We’re delighted to present John with this award.

Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith was recently nominated for a Heart of Glasgow award by Courtney Thomas.

Amanda created Glenlora Wild Garden, situated in Pollok.

Prior to its creation, the grounds were mainly used as a dumping ground or for fly tipping. However, Amanda decided to take matters into her own hands with the help from community volunteers. They created an amazing community garden after two years of hard work and determination. The garden is also being used by the community, local organisations, and school groups.

Everyone is welcome and the garden has made a big difference to the local community. It provides a safe space in the heart of Pollok where people can reconnect with nature, children can play, and adults can socialise which has a positive impact on their mental health.

Amanda truly deserves the recognition of this award.

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